Commercial Vehicle Solutions

Maintenance and Workshop Solutions

Enabling fleet uptime

Key Facts

Less Downtime​

Supports reduction of downtime in the field​

Diagnostic Software​

Quickly and easily run accurate diagnostics​

Workshop Tools​

Access to code readers, cleaning sets and tool kits​

Advanced Training​

Product and technical education from WABCO Academy​

What can Maintenance and Workshop Solutions provide?

ZF offers transporters and workshops a range of maintenance, diagnostic and repair services that support the reduction of unexpected downtime in the field, enabling these operators to better manage a leaner, greener and safer commercial vehicle fleet. Our solutions and services support operators in active downtime prevention through a unique combination of diagnostic and repair tools as well as active technical training.


Diagnostic Tools

WABCO TOOLBOX PLUS software provides PC-based diagnostics for many WABCO components available for medium and heavy duty trucks, trailers, buses and motor homes. The software enables users to quickly and easily run accurate diagnostics to increase uptime and get vehicles back on the road as quickly as possible.

Some of the key functionalities of the software include the ability to display both active and stored faults, view repair instructions and diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs), and access maintenance manuals and installation instructions.

Streamline your diagnostic time, increase uptime and put safer trucks on the road with TOOLBOX PLUS software.

Workshop Tools

On top of its sophisticated diagnostics offering, ZF also provides workshops with an extensive range of advanced workshop tools for commercial vehicles.
Learn more at WABCO Customer Center.
ABS/EBS Code Reader
This handheld tool provides easy access to the ECU and any fault codes, plus access to our database for detailed information on how to resolve those fault codes – viewable from any smartphone, tablet or computer.
Bio-Cleaning System Set
This ideal workshop accessory provides fast and convenient cleaning of used vehicle parts and workshop tools, with the liquid cleaning products featuring natural components.
Tire Pressuring Monitoring System (TPMS) Manager
This tool allows you read and activate the internal and external sensors of the WABCO OptiTire TPMS system and display, including ID, tire pressure, tire temperature, battery status and radio frequency.
Air Disc Brake Tool Sets
The WABCO caliper tool sets are modular tool sets that can be used for convenient and fast servicing of PAN and MAXX brake calipers.

Workshop Technical Training - WABCO ACADEMY

WABCO Academy delivers a range of technical training programs covering the installation, diagnosis and maintenance of commercial vehicle braking systems. It also provides training for advanced driver assistance systems developed and manufactured by ZF.

The WABCO Academy product and technical trainings can be accessed in 18 training centers worldwide as well as via our extensive global online training courses via the WABCO Academy e-learning portal.


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