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TOOLBOX PLUS Diagnostic Software

The latest evolution of TOOLBOX


Diagnostic Support​

For WABCO products including iABS™, mBSP™, TailGUARD™ & more

Redesigned Homepage​

Includes menu with products grouped by truck, bus & trailer​

Roll Call Feature​

Automatically detects & populates WABCO systems on vehicle​

Saves User’s Time​

Pre-populates warranty forms with VIN, fault code(s) & more

What can TOOLBOX PLUS Diagnostic Software provide?

TOOLBOX PLUS provides an enhanced user experience to expedite vehicle and trailer diagnosis and minimize downtime. The software features a brand new user interface, support for the current and latest WABCO product releases, automatic identification of WABCO systems on the vehicle, and pre-populated warranty forms for email to the WABCO Customer Care Center.


Software Features & Functionalities

In addition to the newest features provided by TOOLBOX PLUS mentioned above, the advanced diagnostic software provides the same great features users have come to expect:
  • Displays both static and dynamic information from the system under test as well as both active and stored system faults
  • Activates components to verify system integrity and correct component operation and installation wiring
  • Provides access to repair documents, maintenance manuals and installation instructions
  • Provides reverse Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) lookup
  • Enables Aftermarket Programming for most pneumatic and hydraulic ABS ECUs
  • Includes J1939 Bus Monitor for 500k Baud

Diagnostic Capabilities

Product Support

Tractor: SmartTrac® Stability Control Systems [Pneumatic ABS (mBSP, E8, E and D ECUs) and Electronic Braking System (EBS)], OnGuard® Collision Mitigation System, OnLane® and OnLaneALERT® Lane Departure Warning, OnSide® Blind Spot Detection, OptiRide® Electronically Controlled Air Suspension (ECAS), ECAS for Tractor (12V)

Trailer: ABS (iABS™, Enhanced Easy-Stop™ and Easy-Stop™), Roll Stability Support (RSS), TailGUARD™ Reversing Collision Avoidance System

Truck (Medium Duty), Bus and Motor Home Chassis: SmartTrac® Stability Control Systems (Hydraulic ABS, HABS-E version and Hydraulic Power Brake), ECAS for Buses (24V)

Aftermarket Programming

Enabling Quicker Configuration

TOOLBOX PLUS’s Aftermarket Programming application enables quicker configuration of replacement Electronic Control Units (ECUs) for WABCO tractor/truck Anti-Lock Braking Systems (ABS) and the WABCO OnLaneALERT® Lane Departure Warning camera. WABCO programmable ECUs are applicable for a wide range of vehicles and help fleets to reduce downtime and costs through greater affordability and minimized unit inventory requirements. Configuration files are available for download at ZF also provides an optional WABCO Bench Programming Unit, enabling users to program ECUs on the bench versus directly on the vehicle.

Available by Subscription

Providing You The Most Up-To-Date Information

Customers can purchase a one-year subscription to TOOLBOX PLUS through ZF's exclusive distributor Snap-on by visiting or calling +1 (800) 639-6774. Subscriptions include free updates to the software as they are made available, ensuring users have the most up-to-date information on WABCO products and technologies.

TOOLBOX PLUS Software – Application Download

Once you've purchased a subscription and have received a registration and serial key, download the TOOLBOX PLUS application here.


ABS and ESC Maintenance Manual

Download PDF

ABS and ESC Maintenance Manual for mBSP

Download PDF

Requirements for ECU Aftermarket Programming

Download PDF

SmartTrac Hydraulic ABS Aftermarket Programming

Check out this PDF to know more

SmartTrack Hydraulic ABS Maintenance Manual

Download PDF

TOOLBOX PLUS Brochure (SP19025)

Download the PDF to discover more

TOOLBOX PLUS Diagnostic Software User Guide (MM19047)

Download the PDF to discover more

TOOLBOX PLUS Software Installation Instruction

Download the PDF to know more

TOOLBOX PLUS Trailer Brochure

Download PDF

TOOLBOX Quick Start Guide

Download PDF


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