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WABCO Reman Solutions

Remanufactured parts delivering OE quality

Key Facts

OE Quality​

All products are upgraded to the latest OEM specifications​

Local Reman​

Remanufactured at state-of-the-art North America facilities​

Extensively Tested

Complete end-of-line testing & quality inspection throughout

Advanced Processes​

Featuring the latest technology and WABCO OE components​

What can WABCO Reman Solutions provide?

WABCO Reman Solutions specializes in remanufacturing electronics, mechatronic components and conventional mechanical products originally produced by WABCO or other manufacturers. We not simply re-build for function - we remanufacture for perfection using the latest technologies and industry know-how gained from Original Equipment manufacturing. Every WABCO Reman Solutions product is upgraded to the latest performance specifications, guaranteeing a quality that you can truly rely on!


Why Remanufactured Parts?

A WABCO Reman Solutions product is restored from a re-usable core, which goes through a series of advanced industrial processes performed by dedicated industry experts at certified WABCO Reman Solutions facilities. During the remanufacturing, all parts which are subject to wear, as well as all critical components, are replaced by the highest quality WABCO components.

To ensure only the best products make it to market, functional tests are performed to achieve no less than a 100% quality rating on all products. The standardized and fully documented WABCO remanufacturing process ensures that the used core is always returned to the market as a same-as-new or better condition product.

Return Your Core Today!

When you buy a remanufactured part from WABCO Reman Solutions and return your used cores to us, you are entitled to a refund. On top of that, by producing less waste, you will also save on costs of disposal and benefit the environment.

What is a Core?
Cores are used parts retrieved from vehicles when these are replaced in a workshop. A core can often be re-used when the undamaged product is returned to specialized remanufacturing facilities, giving the parts a new lease on life and helping to reduce waste and new material use.

What is the Core return process?
The core return process is based on an exchange system when workshops send the core back for remanufacturing to an advanced facility so it can be returned to the market following an extensive cleaning and, where needed, parts replacement. The customers in the market are responsible for the return of the core. The cores should be packed carefully for return in order to protect the core from any shipping damage.
All WABCO Reman Solutions core returns must be done in the Reman Core Connect online tool, accessible at​


Core Return Guidelines for Distributors in North America

Core Return Guidelines for Manufacturers in North America

Reman Core Connect User Guide

WABCO Reman Solutions

Remanufactured to OE Part Number Cross Reference


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