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Advanced Tire Monitoring System​


Improves Efficiency​

Helps maximize uptimes, tire life and fuel efficiency​

Enhances Safety​

Helps prevent accidents caused by tire issues​

Proven Technology

Trusted and approved by leading OEMs

Easily Retrofittable​

Aftermarket kit can offer effective vehicle upgrade​

What can OptiTire provide?

This tire pressure monitoring system is specifically designed for commercial vehicles. The system offers internal and external wheel sensors, including simple to install strap-mounted sensors, covering all rim sizes and applications. This system constantly monitors the performance of each tire. As soon as a tire issue is detected, OptiTire alerts the driver to help optimize vehicle uptime, tire life and fuel efficiency - making journeys safer and more economical.​


Customer Benefits

  • Enables up to 2% fuel saving
  • Helps to reduce CO2 emissions
  • Helps to minimize risk of tire blowouts
  • Offers improved maintenance predictability
  • Enables real-time fleet notification

Features & Capabilities

  • Measures tire pressures and temperatures
  • Supports truck, trailer and bus applications
  • Monitors up to 20 rolling wheels and two spare wheels with one ECU
  • Applicable with major OEM dashboards
  • Compatible with ZF´s SmartBoard, OptiLink smart phone app and Trailer EBS ​
  • Integrates with TX-TrailerGuard and TX-TrailerPulse telematics

Complete System


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