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SCALAR - Orchestrating Road Transport SCALAR - Orchestrating Road Transport

Road Transport

The Next Generation of Fleet Management

SCALAR is ZF’s new digital Fleet Orchestration Platform (FOP). It builds on ZF’s world-class experience in delivering advanced fleet management and digital connectivity solutions, as well as in designing autonomous vehicle operation algorithms. SCALAR offers real-time, AI-based automated decision-making and efficiency improvement tools for fleets of human-driven, autonomous as well as mixed vehicles. It supports fleets transporting people or goods.

SCALAR - Orchestrating Road Transport

Today’s challenges in road transport

Driver shortages, energy management and unscheduled vehicle downtimes are just a few of the challenges the global road transportation ecosystem is facing. But the challenges do not stop there. A bewildering array of digital tools, platforms and applications have created a maze of licenses and data silos for fleets to manage. This complexity leads to rising costs, a constant need for more investment in tools and updates. It results in inefficiencies for fleets in their resource planning, vehicle routing and dispatching, and in collecting and processing data for business intelligence.

SCALAR - A bigger idea SCALAR - A bigger idea

A bigger idea

Changing fleet management, one data point at a time

SCALAR is ZF’s new digital Fleet Orchestration solution that helps fleets solve these challenges in real-time by combining data sources across the transportation process. The AI-based, self-learning algorithm system ensures that changes in one variable automatically readjust other variables to reach the desired outcomes – the best possible journeys for the best possible business margins. SCALAR prepares fleets for the future of road transportation. ACE (Autonomous, Connected, and Electric) vehicles will increasingly share the roads with conventional, human-driven vehicles with internal combustion engines. As a result, the need for optimized road transport will accelerate.

SCALAR helps fleets address the 4 key questions in any transportation situation:

  • What to transport?
  • Where to transport?
  • When should it arrive?
  • How to continuously improve service while preserving profitability?
SCALAR - One holistic and scalable portfolio SCALAR - One holistic and scalable portfolio

The SCALAR Fleet Orchestration Platform is a digital solution that automatically optimizes planning, routing, dispatching, field service management, and more. It helps fleets ensure they send the right vehicle to the right place at the right time, in real time. This is achieved via an arrangement of advanced algorithms that combine dynamic optimization and machine learning, which helps fleets to:

  • Automatically respond and adapt to live dynamic situations
  • Automatically avoid undesirable situations by predicting future events
  • Bring their customer service levels to a new era
  • Focus their staff on higher added value tasks
SCALAR Orchestration AI

One holistic and scalable portfolio

SCALAR will facilitate the integrated, interconnected, and autonomous mobility as well as supply chain networks. It will help enable Transportation as a Service (TaaS) and Mobility as a Service (MaaS) for applications such as:

Cargo transportation for LCVs and HCVs

On-yard autonomous vehicles and trucks

On-demand ride-hailing and ride-pooling

Empowering public and private mobility providers​

With SCALAR, customers can increase the profitability of their fleets by finding optimal vehicle routes and schedules, reducing deadheading and improving on-time vehicle arrivals, thus supporting mobility providers in the reduction of their environmental impact on cities and communities.

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SCALAR Orchestration AI


What is Fleet Orchestration?

SCALAR is the Fleet Orchestration Platform that will take Fleet Management Systems to the next level. It addresses the main transportation questions of how, where and when to transport cargo and people by leveraging business intelligence. This is achieved by using a self-learning algorithm that can simultaneously process information from different data sources. As a result, the decision-making process is fully automated for cargo and people fleets.

What is the difference compared with other Fleet Management Systems?

Traditionally, Fleet Management Systems (FMS) centrally collect relevant information where it then needs to be processed manually. A change in schedule due to a problem on the road can cause delays, confusion, and even missed deliveries. SCALAR uses an AI and self-learning algorithm to learn from historical events and optimize planning, routing, and dispatching for your fleet.

Can I use SCALAR for my fleet?

SCALAR can be used for trucks, trailers, vans, cars, and any other vehicle making it suitable for use in any environment. As it can be scaled in any direction, ZF can make sure that it fits your business needs and industry perfectly. It supports fleets of human-driven, autonomous as well as mixed vehicles transporting people or goods.

What functionalities does SCALAR offer?

As SCALAR is the next generation of Fleet Management Systems, it offers the key functionalities that you need for your daily business. This includes planning, routing, and dispatching, track-and-trace functionalities, driver reports, maintenance notifications, and much more. All of this can easily be accessed through our SCALAR app for any device, from computers to smartphones.

Is SCALAR expensive?

We offer a wide range of subscription models and the right hardware to make sure you get exactly what you need and nothing more. Please contact us and we will help you find the perfect fit for your fleet.


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