Commercial Vehicle Solutions
Boost Your Overall Fleet Efficiency Boost Your Overall Fleet Efficiency

Send the Right Vehicle to the Right Place at the Right Time.​

SCALAR for People Mobility

ZF's SCALAR for People Mobility solution empowers public and private mobility providers to plan, launch and operate highly efficient fixed-route and demand-responsive transportation services.​

A complex arrangement of advanced algorithms enables our Fleet Orchestration Platform to automate and optimize operations for ridehailing, pooled micro-transit, autonomous shuttles and robotaxi services by sending the right vehicle to the right place at the right time while controlling critical metrics like traveler waiting time and fleet utilization.​

Using Bestmile technology, customers are able to increase the profitability of their fleets by finding optimal vehicle routes and schedules, reducing deadheading and improving on-time vehicle arrivals, thus supporting mobility providers in the reduction of their environmental impact on cities and communities.​

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