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CDC - Continuous Damping Control CDC - Continuous Damping Control

CDC: Damp Smarter, Ride Better

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Continuous Damping Control (CDC) can vary the damping and thus optimally adapt the handling of the vehicle to the respective situation – in fractions of a second and for each wheel individually.
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A smooth, comfortable and safe ride – that’s the task of vehicle damping. But one damping solution isn’t best for every driving situation. Not so with ZF's "Continuous Damping Control": The system delivers just the right damping force in every situation.

CDC provides such precise damping control that to get the same ride experience you would need several cars. An agile city runabout for everyday use, a deluxe luxury sedan for long road trips, a sleek sports car for extensive cornering , perhaps a robust 4x4 for off-road adventures...

Of course, such a fleet would also require a very large garage. So it would be handy if a single vehicle could perform similarly well under all of these requirements – and more.

The good news: At least as far as the chassis is concerned, is there a way to get much closer to this goal.

The technology for this exists – in the ZF product portfolio. It is called "Continuous Damping Control" (CDC).

CDC offers technology that delivers optimum comfort and driving agility at all times

CDC: Optimal Damping in Every Situation

CDC: Optimal Damping in Every Situation

"Everything that is associated with comfort or smooth driving in the car is the task of damping," says Thomas Kutsche, Head of Development for the Damping Technology product line at ZF. "Many people don't consciously or primarily pay attention to the chassis when judging a car. But if you like to drive or drive a lot, you will immediately notice the advantages that a system like CDC offers."

CDC can vary the damping force 100 times per second.

When it comes to how a car should feel, conventional dampers, with their rigid damping characteristics, are limited to just one of two options: sporty or comfortable. Not so CDC. As an electronically controlled system, it can vary the damping and thus optimally adapt the handling of the vehicle to the respective situation – in fractions of a second and for each wheel individually. A sprint on open road? CDC tightens the chassis, providing more traction and an agile driving experience. Waves in the asphalt or other bumps threaten to make the occupants queasy? CDC adjusts itself to the fact that the vehicle floats over suboptimal lanes according to the "skyhook" principle as if suspended from a cloud.

CDC from ZF masters any damping challenge.

CDC also ensures greater safety as optimized damping means more grip, which can significantly shorten the braking distance in an emergency. Since the damping force is electronically controlled, the desired mode can also be activated via button on the dashboard.
It’s not surprising then that many automobile manufacturers are choosing to put CDC in their vehicles. Below the premium segment, it is usually available as an optional additional function and is presented to consumers as "adaptive chassis". ZF stands by the vehicle manufacturer during the development phase. This ensures that the chassis technology is also optimally matched to the car.
"If you like to drive or drive a lot, you can't avoid CDC."
Thomas Kutsche, Development Manager of the Dampening Technology product line

According to Kutsche, the small surcharge for this feature is worth it immediately. "Drivers will appreciate the added driving comfort and safety immediately, beginning on the ride home from the dealership."

The Technique Explained:

CDC collects through its sensor architecture constant data on road conditions, vehicle speed and driver actions and transmits it to a central control unit. A proportional valve regulates the damping force delivered to each individual wheel, delivering the optimal amount for the momentary situation. Because CDC is so seamless and fast, it immediately allows for ideal handling despite challenging conditions – in all vehicle segments, from compact cars to luxury sedans.

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Continuous Damping Control available as CDCivo and CDCevo solves the conflict between driving safety and ride comfort by setting the damper - and uncompromisingly. Whether fully loaded or only with the driver, the CDC®-system adjusts the optimum damping wheel-individually according to the driving situation.

CDC - Continuous Damping Control

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