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Rear Axle Drive with All-wheel Drive Clutch

Intelligent mechanics for optimized propulsion performance and improved driving properties



Improved traction and driving dynamics


Low weight and minimized drag losses


Robust temperature range


Actuator provides interface for modern assistance systems

What can Rear Axle Drive with All-wheel Drive Clutch provide?

The rear-axle drive with integrated multidisk all-wheel drive clutch, which will enter volume production in 2018, ensures demand-driven transmission of propulsion power on the vehicle's rear axle. Due to its improved traction and driving dynamics with only slightly more weight and consumption (compared to a pure front-wheel drive), it is the ideal solution for modern all-wheel drive applications for vehicles with front-transverse engine installation.


The Technology

ZF's rear-axle drive with integrated all-wheel drive clutch includes a control unit that, together with the electromechanical actuator and the all-wheel drive strategy integrated in the control unit, regulates the torque distribution between front and rear axle. This control unit can also be used to combine the all-wheel drive clutch actuation with other functions, such as advanced safety assistance systems.
The all-wheel drive clutch can be engaged before slip occurs. This forward-looking function leads to ideal traction and thus to improved driving dynamics. The three-piece aluminum housing is equipped with directly integrated suspension arms, which reduces the module's weight and makes it more robust and less costly. Axle drive and clutch share one oil circuit thus increasing the thermal performance.

Further Information

Its low weight and low drag losses in combination with the demand-driven all-wheel drive strategy minimize the additional consumption compared to a pure front-wheel drive.


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