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DrivelineAutomatic Transmissions6-Speed Automatic Transmission

6-Speed Automatic Transmission

The ZF 6HP 6 speed automatic transmission.

More power for a decisive improvement in driving pleasure

The 6HP second generation sets new standards: more power with less fuel consumption, especially high shifting quality and driving comfort. The 6HP shifts beneath the level of human perception in fewer than 100 ms – with impressively high tensile force in low speeds alone. The driver can individually determine the dynamics in the shift sequence by means of defined parameter sets. The intelligent transmission control unit provides perfect shifting moments.


  • Fuel use reductions of 3-6 percent with respect to the 6-speed automatic transmission of the first generation
  • Better acceleration values through significantly reduced reaction times and optimized torque converter design
  • Response times below the level of human perception.
  • Stand-by-control NIC - in stand-by, the torque converter decoupling prevents unnecessary vibrations and reduces fuel consumption
  • Adaptive ASIS shifting strategy analyzes the driver's personal driving style and the driving situation and recognizes the best shifting moment for each one
  • Input torque up to 850 Nm
  • Transmission spread 6.04