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Stabilizes couplings for all trailers: 5. Goods 6. Motor homes 7. Horses 8. Boats
With Nivomat there are clear advantages for all load situations: 1. Transporting passengers 2. Transporting Goods 3. Special Vehicles 4. Family trips

Always at the right height

The Nivomat® is installed on the rear axle in place of a conventional damper. Fully automatically and without additional electronic systems, this compact device pumps the vehicle up to its optimum ride height after only a few meters. The Nivomat® takes the energy needed to do so from the relative movements of the wheel and the vehicle body. For every load condition, this maintenance-free system sets the ideal vehicle height, thus ensuring a safe and comfortable drive.


  • Safe handling thanks to constant vehicle height for all load conditions
  • Constant axle height makes driving on bumpy surfaces safer
  • Responsiveness does not become fuzzy under high axle loads
  • Less driver fatigue
  • Less wear on tires and axle
  • Lower fuel consumption due to better aerodynamics
  • No additional on-board electronics; eliminates possibility of system failures
  • No additional energy required for pump operations
  • No additional CO₂ emissions

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