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9-Speed Automatic Transmission

9-speed automatic transmission
The 9-speed automatic transmission

Heading for a whole new dimension

The ZF 9-speed automatic transmission for passenger cars with front-transverse engines. Thanks to the modular principle, different starting elements and all-wheel drive applications can be implemented cost-effectively even given the restricted installation space conditions with front-transverse passenger cars.


  • Planetary gearset with 9 speeds, 4 simple gearsets, and 6 shift elements. Gearsets are nested to save space
  • Wide transmission ratio spread (nearly 10) with small ratio steps
  • The first-ever use of interlocking dog clutches in a passenger car powershift transmission
  • Torque converter with excellent vibration and oscillation isolation for optimal comfort during starting (driveoff) and shifting
  • Proven ZF control systems technology helps provide the excellent shift quality known from the 8HP