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Lotus Eletre Lotus Eletre

Top-Class Electric SUV

The name Lotus has been synonymous with sports cars for decades. Now, the Eletre, the first all-electric SUV from Lotus, is taking to the roads around the globe. Onboard is state-of-the-art driveline technology from ZF.

Author: Frank Thoma, 2024-01-24

CubiX Controls the Vehicle Dynamics

For a pleasant driving experience, it is crucial that longitudinal, lateral and vertical dynamics are harmoniously coordinated. In addition to optimized driving behavior in terms of comfort, dynamics and efficiency, the software forms the basis for comprehensive driver assistance systems. As the first pure software product from ZF, cubiX offers a decisive advantage: the platform is compatible with actuators such as dampers, brakes or rear axle steering - regardless of the manufacturer or the specific design. This makes it flexible.

CubiX Controls the Vehicle Dynamics

Software is becoming a key differentiator in automotive industry.

Future software updates or upgrades are carried out "over the air" - i.e. wirelessly without a visit to the workshop. This means that the software remains up-to-date throughout the vehicle's entire service life, meaning that additional functions can be added at any time after the vehicle has been delivered. This makes cubiX an example of the development towards a software-defined vehicle: away from the many individual controls of hardware components and towards overarching domain and zone architectures.