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Combined Micromobility Expertise

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With its subsidiaries ZF Micro Mobility and BrakeForceOne, ZF participates for the first time in the Eurobike trade show.
Susanne Szarowski,
Susanne Szarowski has been in corporate communications at ZF for twelve years. As a member of the editorial team, she is responsible for digitization and software.
The time has finally come! ZF presents its expertise in the micromobility segment at the Eurobike in Friedrichshafen. ZF Micro Mobility, systems supplier for e-bikes formerly known as ZF Sachs Micro Mobility, and BrakeForceOne (BFO) are working together to shape the future of ZF in the micromobility industry.

ZF Micro Mobility supplies components and systems, including electric drives, batteries, displays and additional applications, such as the Sachs Corecharger to charge a mobile device during the bike tour, to e-bike manufacturers. BrakeForceOne (BFO) is a service provider that develops solutions for all mobility concepts used in the field of micromobility. The technology company ZF had already acquired BFO a year ago. "We not only focus on the bicycle business. For us, micromobility goes beyond the e-bike. We incorporate approaches from the automotive industry into the bicycle sector," explains BFO Managing Director Bernd Ehrich.
"We incorporate approaches from the automotive industry into the bicycle sector."
Bernd Ehrich, BrakeForceOne Managing Director

Joining forces for micromobility

Joining forces for micromobility

Together, the two partners are now working on strengthening ZF's expertise in the growing micromobility segment and on further developing their portfolio. "After the acquisition of ZF Sachs Micro Mobility almost one year ago, the joining of the two companies is now also visible in the company's name," says Markus Gross, Managing Director of ZF Micro Mobility.

Watch the video to discover the products ZF presents at the Eurobike:


ZF Micro Mobility is a system manufacturer for e-bikes, while BrakeForceOne provides micromobility solution services.

The Sachs Corecharger, an external charger, is a new product launched by ZF Micro Mobility.

With the functional prototype LKF or "LastKraftFlitzer" ‒ a pun combining part of the German term for truck with the German word for speedster ‒ BrakeForceOne presents a new vehicle concept for load transport in urban environments.