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TechnologiesZF Domains Integrated Safety
Integrated Safety
Helping to prevent traffic accidents or at least mitigating their severity are goals that ZF is pursuing with the most comprehensive safety technology portfolio in the supplier industry. Key technologies developed and supplied by ZF include sensors, brakes, steering, seat belts, electronics and active chassis equipped with systems such as the active adaptive rear axle (AKC).

ZF is developing intelligent assist systems that help enable vehicles to not only detect risks sooner, but are designed with the potential to be faster and better than human reactions. Increasingly sophisticated airbags and seat belt systems are helping to provide improved occupant protection in cases of emergency. ZF innovations work together to protect vehicle occupants and other road users in pursuit of its Vision Zero goal.

Integrated Safety: Turn Assist

When trucks turn right, dangerous situations for pedestrians and cyclists often arise. ZF Turn Assist can help to prevent serious accidents.
See - think - act

ZF can make vehicles see, think, act

ZF innovations help vehicles to see, think and act. To support these actions, ZF delivers perfectly dovetailed solutions – a unique selling point of the technology company.