PascalElectronics Technician Trainee for Industrial Automation

The LEMFÖRDER product innovations for the aftermarket increase payload, reduce fuel consumption, and optimize driving dynamics.

Torque rods

LEMFÖRDER torque rod

In order to ensure safe axle guidance, trucks and buses require torque rods which are also referred to as axle guiding control arms, axle control arms, or, when on the front axle, thrust rods. These parts connect the axle with the frame in a longitudinal, transverse, or diagonal manner. The precision products from LEMFÖRDER guarantee an accurate axle guidance. This contributes to reducing tire wear. The weight is reduced with torque rods thanks to design optimizations, e.g. through the utilization of casting technology. In doing so, the chassis as a safety part is always the priority for us.

What he does at ZF:

How do you program electronics systems correctly and transparently? Why doesn’t a system control unit work and what do we have to do to make it work? These and other skills are what Pascal is learning in his vocational training to become an electronics technician in industrial automation in Friedrichshafen. Installing and commissioning highly complex industrial systems as well as programming, testing and maintaining those systems will be among his responsibilities after completing his training. These often involve complex problems to solve. “This is fun for me, even if you sometimes have to think about it longer before finding a solution,” says Pascal about the challenges he faces in his training.

“It’s fun to face different challenges every day.”

The wishbone serves to absorb longitudinal and lateral forces and, in combination with the trailing links (torque rods) assumes all axle guidance tasks. LEMFÖRDER wishbones are weight-reduced, maintenance-free, and robust. Higher payloads are possible as a result.

How he came to ZF:

During an internship in industrial automation, Pascal discovered a fascination for the field. After finishing high school and attending a vocational school for electronics, he began his training at ZF, which he is really enjoying: “The opportunities for further education and training here at ZF are outstanding.”

Stabilizer in the chassis

LEMFÖRDER stabilizer rod

The stabilizer rod assumes an important role within the vehicle suspension: It ensures safe roadholding in corners. As a result, the roll angle of the vehicle body is reduced and leads to an improvement in the vehicle stability and ride comfort, especially when it comes to heavily laden trucks or fully-occupied buses.

Repair set for torque rod molecular bearings and plain bearings

Comfort, safety, and service life are increasingly important aspects in terms of the chassis. In terms of design, torque rods are developed with plain bearings or molecular bearings. For repair purposes in the event of damage – caused by wear for instance – we offer complete repair kits that enable a repair in keeping with fair market values.

With the LEMFÖRDER repair kit, the workshop obtains all original parts in a single package with all required components. This enables a fast and inexpensive service.