Sustainable Corrosion ProtectionMeeting environmental targets with LEMFÖRDER

Innovation and environmental protection

ZF Aftermarket implements sustainability across the board as a key quality feature of all LEMFÖRDER-branded products. After all, sustainable development is key to future viability. Our innovations make an important contribution to achieving this goal. These innovations aim to

  • improve mobility,
  • reduce emissions and
  • conserve resources.

Innovative manufacturing processes

Innovation is not limited to the research and development of new products. It also plays a major role in the production processes and methods used for our parts. By constantly optimizing manufacturing technology, we create sustainable quality which pays off long term – for us, the environment and for our customers. In this way, we also ensure the quality and durability of our LEMFÖRDER products in future.

Eco-friendly surface coating

Weather protection is a priority for carmaking. LEMFÖRDER has now developed a new surface treatment process which dispenses with the conventional manganese phosphate coating of metals, yet nonetheless fulfills all the corrosion protection requirements. The new process uses a varnish that is harmless to human health and the environment, making it eco-friendlier and sustainable.

  • Phosphate-free surface coating
  • Same high level of environmentally friendly corrosion protection
  • Improved occupational safety and health during manufacturing
  • Resource efficient
  • Future-proof finishing process

The new corrosion protection is being used on all LEMFÖRDER OE angle ball joints for commercial vehicles. These are available separately or built into LEMFÖRDER drag links and tie rods.

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