Research and Development in North AmericaProviding Local Support and Expertise

Providing local support and expertise

ZF is continually developing new solutions to meet the needs of customers at the global and local levels.

At the regional level, ZF’s North American Headquarters and Technical Center in Northville, Michigan provides customers with local support and technical expertise in conjunction with the global resources of ZF’s corporate and divisional development centers. The expertise of global division and local expertise of the region collaborate with their customers to provide the best solutions for today’s ever changing environment.

Technical Capabilities:

  • Extensive ball joint & suspension link testing for friction/torque & axial/radial elasticity, wear, fatigue, and sealability.
  • The transmission test stands are capable of testing input & output power as well as de-coupling on a vast array of transmissions.
  • The axle road simulator performs tests using a loaded vehicle or RPC data to provide real world comparisons.
  • Control arm testing records load & displacement for maximum strength, as well as fatigue.
  • Elastomere testing incorporates all elements to provide static & dynamic characterization for rubber & rubber/metal components.
  • A temperature chamber is used to pre-condition dust seals & ball joints for testing.
  • An impact sled that performs current and future requirements for testing impact on ball studs, ball joints, and control arms.


ZF North America, Inc. Regional Headquarters and Technical Center

15811 Centennial Drive
Northville, MI 48168
Phone: (734) 416-6200
Fax: (734) 416-8331