LEMFÖRDER Tie RodsSafely on Track

Improved tracking and less tire wear – tie rods transfer the steering movements to the front wheels and are used for ideal tracking alignment.

The ideal connection between the steering system and the wheel carrier

A tie rod ensures accurate steering and safe drivability. Through the tie rod, the forces introduced into the steering gear are forwarded via the inner ball joint to the outer ball joint, the tie rod end. A thread in the center enables the ideal setting of both wheels.
The connections or joints of the tie rod in particular place high demands upon the design. Here, LEMFÖRDER offers diverse, high-quality solutions optimized for the installation space and material. This know-how can also be seen in the spare parts.

The design core: the ball joint

The structural core: The LEMFÖRDER ball joint

Ball joints are used in tie rods, control arms, and stabilizer links for instance. A ball joint consists of a supporting joint and ball stud and is free-moving in three directions. Traction forces, compressive forces, and radial forces are transferred in these three directions without hardly any losses at all. Low losses occur as a result of friction. Therefore, LEMFÖRDER uses premium materials for the ball and shell and consequently achieves:

  • Low deformability
  • Excellent glide characteristics
  • Outstanding damping

The exact designation of the ball joints is derived from the transferred direction of force: Angle joints transfer radial forces, inner ball joints transfer axial forces.

Quality characteristic: steering boot

ZF Lenksysteme steering gear with tie rod and steering boot

Is more force than usual suddenly required when steering following the replacement of the steering gear? Can unusual noises be heard when steering?

This might be due to an untight steering boot on the connection between the tie rod and steering gear. When replacing, it is therefore essential to pay attention to spare parts according to the OE specification as offered by LEMFÖRDER or select ZF Lenksysteme steering gears with pre-assembled tie rods and steering boots.

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