MonikaProduct Development Engineer

As a specialist for truck spare parts, we offer axle suspension, wheel suspension, stabilization, and steering system products.

What she does at ZF:

How does a partial or fully automated car learn to keep a sufficiently safe distance to the car in front? How does it detect gaps in the flowing traffic? These are the questions that Monika is working on in the TechCenter Düsseldorf. She develops functions for automated driving and integrates them into the vehicle’s IT architecture. When test driving prototypes, she can immediately try out new configurations and, when necessary, make additional improvements.

“A global company like ZF has many opportunities to offer, especially when it comes to international work experience.”

How she came to ZF:

Monika is a computer scientist. After a longer research project on sensor data fusion at the Fraunhofer Institute for Communication, Information Processing and Ergonomics (FKIE), she completed her doctorate and began working at TRW. Through the merger with ZF, the opportunity arose for her to apply TRW’s safety technologies beyond the passenger car segment.

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