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Dirk Fuchs

Dirk is currently the Technical Training Engineer in North America for ZF Services, LLC. Dirk has worked for ZF for the past 6 years progressing from warranty management to technical training and service concepts. In his position now, he is responsible for all technician and customer training across the U.S. and Canada for ZF in the passenger car aftermarket.

Dirk enjoys the opportunity to travel and meet technicians nationwide. For him, it's an exciting thing to participate and understand the product principles leading to important knowledge.

Dirk's advice: You have to know how it works, before you can make a diagnosis. Focus during the training session, it might be slow or boring at times, but it will help with the diagnostic part later.

Joe Laubinger

Joe currently works in our technical service department at ZF Services, LLC. He has over 27 years of experience at ZF, previously working as a team leader for passenger car & light truck, and now also as a support member of the training department. Joe has experience and knowledge of working on the range of ZF transmissions from the 3 speed to the current 9 speed.

With years of experience, Joe says that the biggest tip to get more out of training is to ask questions, and always be the volunteer for any hands on training. It makes it easier to remember, if you have the chance to work on the product directly.

Francisco Moreno

Francisco is currently the Commercial Vehicle Team Leader at ZF Services, LLC. With over 10 years of experience at ZF on the remanufacturing production lines in both passenger car and commercial vehicle, Francisco now brings that knowledge of the shop to the field for trainings. Francisco‘s background includes a heavy focus on the ZF 6- and 8-speed transmissions, as well as ZF CV transmissions and axles. Francisco also conducts trainings in Spanish.

There are a lot of tips Francisco can give to attendees of trainings, but the big one and most important one is to ASK. If it doesn't make sense, just ask. Trainers are there to help you, and make sure all the material is understood, and when you leave a ZF training you should feel confident to work on a unit by yourself.