SACHS Cleaning System for Electric Contact Surfaces

Electric contact surfaces can be found everywhere in a car, from the battery contacts to the ground connection to the car body. Aging or environmental impacts, such as humidity, can cause oxidation or corrosion of the contacts. The SACHS cleaning system for electric contact surfaces allows you to clean contacts safely and reliably.

Compact cleaning case for clean contact surfaces

The cleaning system in a practical case

Contaminated contacts might lead to voltage drops caused by higher transition resistance. Malfunctions or failures of the electrical components of a vehicle, such as flickering headlights or noises in the dual-mass flywheel, may be the result of poorly conducting contacts. Therefore, the contact surfaces should be checked at regular intervals and cleaned if necessary.

ZF Aftermarket, the driveline specialist, has the necessary system expertise to holistically assess problems and repairs in the vehicle. For this purpose, we offer the SACHS cleaning system for electric contact surfaces. The practical case includes all required tools and accessories for the professional cleaning of contact surfaces of different sizes.

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Cleaning all contacts with just one case

The cleaning case's comprehensive contents enable flexible application.

The flexible extensions even allow for cleaning of hard-to-reach contact surfaces.
The contact surface cleaning case includes cleaning rings of different sizes. With the high-quality cleaning fleeces for various contact surfaces, you can clean coated contact surfaces gently and thoroughly.

Workshop tips on using the SACHS cleaning case

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