Performance and Qualityfrom SACHS

Risk of shock absorber wear

One in seven people drive a car with defective shock absorbers

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SACHS dual-mass flywheel

Vibration reduction in all speed ranges

SACHS clutches for commercial vehicles

New catalogue with Euro 6 parts included!

SACHS clutch kit with DMF and XTend

Innovative technology in a clutch kit.

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Cleaning system for electric contact surfaces.

Oxidised connectors are a thing of the past.

Release forks for commercial vehicles

High-quality. Innovative. Ready to install. OE quality – for optimal durability.

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Chassis Safety Check

Chassis Safety Check

The chassis works hidden from view so that in many instances, damage can only be discovered in the automobile repair workshop.

ZF Services therefore recommends that workshops regularly carry out a chassis check on every vehicle.

Powerpack Clutches

Powerpack Clutches

In this ZF Workshop Hangout video ZF Services experts give clues on clutches.

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