Research & Development

Innovating our Way to Success

Research and development is the best investment in the future. It is the only way to achieve innovation and high technical performance for machines with high user benefits. ZF is an innovation-driven company that develops volume production-ready products based on its own research and development efforts and thus invests in the future in a targeted way.

Systematic Innovation

The continual development of new technology is of crucial importance to ZF. Manufacturers expect innovative products to set their vehicles apart from the competition.

Functionalities for better driving dynamics, comfort and safety – as well as fewer individual components and assemblies – are increasingly in demand. ZF research and development meets these challenges with its extensive expertise and clear understanding of the dynamic relationships in the whole vehicle.

To secure its product strategy, ZF has introduced an integrated management process that systematically analyses and evaluates the market, customer, product, technology and production for all innovations.

Global Network

Thousands of engineers and technicians work in research and development worldwide. Here divisions and business units focus on market and product expertise to develop cutting-edge products according to customer needs.

Corporate Research and Development (R&D) undertakes basic and theoretical research while supporting the operational development teams in the business units.

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