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UK Reports

UK Gender Pay Gap Reports

Tax Strategy

Click here to download the ZF TRW UK tax strategy and tax risk management:

UK Tax Strategy and Tax Risk Management (PDF, 82.8 KB)

Modern Slavery Act Transparency Statement

Click here to download the Modern Slaver Act Transparency Statement

Modern Slavery Act Transparency Statement (fiscal year 2018) (PDF, 1.5 MB)

Quality and Health & Safety Standards

ZF Services UK believes in maintaining the highest standards across the Company. The processes and procedures in place to achieve this are recognised through schemes such as OHSAS 18001 and RISAS.

Our Quality Standards and Accreditations

BS:EN 18001 Health & Safety System

Health & Safety System

BS:EN 18001

The safety and wellbeing of our employees, visitors and contractors is a core foundation of how we work.

ISO: 14001 Environmental Management System

Environmental Management System

ISO: 14001

We recognise and work to minimise our impact on the local and wider environment.

ISO:9001 Quality Management System

Quality Management System


We continually look to improve the products and services we provide to our customers and partners



Rail Industry Supplier Approval Scheme

The Railway Industry Supplier Approval Scheme (RISAS) provides safety assurance for suppliers and services, including enhanced performance, product quality, as well as helping to improve efficiencies in the supply chain.

In 2014, ZF Services UK was awarded the highest industry accolade, the RISAS approval, for the overhaul and repair of both ZF and non ZF Traction & Rolling Stock transmissions, including Final Drives and Gearboxes’, at its world leading Nottingham facility.