Leveraging Strengths

ZF is shaping the future of the mobility industry

ZF is growing. Over the past decade, ZF has grown considerably in size and gained in market importance. Yet ZF continues to look beyond the horizon. The company is leveraging its current strengths to be perfectly positioned for the future.

The ZF Group’s key performance indicators, such as sales or the number of employees and locations, have more than tripled since 2006. Contributing factors include not only the company’s strong organic growth. Its acquisition of TRW Automotive in 2015 is equally important. By integrating TRW as its new “Active & Passive Safety Technology” Division, the ZF Group has become stronger. Ultimately, this division has expanded ZF’s product portfolio by adding safety and sensor technology products and expertise — decisive factors for automated and autonomous driving. The Group provides intelligent solutions to successfully meet the mobility challenges of tomorrow. That is how ZF is shaping the future of the mobility industry.

Solid sales and revenue growth is important for ZF. Only in this way can the Group rapidly reduce its liabilities while simultaneously investing in research and development.

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