SamIT Project Manager

What he does at ZF:

How do we align the economic needs of the Region of Asia-Pacific with the opportunities offered by information technology? And how can we promote local projects while also ensuring a balanced cost-benefit ratio? As an IT supervisor, Sam works on making sure that IT systems are running properly and cost-effectively throughout the entire region. In doing so, he not only coordinates the individual steps and processes with management, he also represents the Region of Asia-Pacific on the Global Communication Council.

What I especially appreciate about ZF is its ambition to develop new technologies and its emphasis on driving innovation.”

How he came to ZF:

Sam began working for TRW Automotive in 2008, first as an IT administrator, then later on as a project manager. Since 2014, he has had broader responsibilities as IT supervisor and engineering business resource manager. “ZF’s acquisition of TRW gave me the chance to become part of an even bigger and better company, so I decided to stay,” he explains. Sam is currently working on the EPROS project, a system for technology centers that will support the electronic commodity purchasing process. “In addition, we are currently drafting a design guideline for one ZF TRW product line which we hope will become a global system.