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ZF Aftermarket offers you everything you need for your gearboxes: new gearboxes, genuine spare parts, repair kits and components. Thus, we also provide premium quality, technology and warranty at volume production level for the aftermarket.


Gearbox repair:

ZF Aftermarket offers the necessary genuine spare parts and preventive maintenance.

Gearbox diagnosis / Fleet diagnosis / Electronics:

If the gearbox electronics on a vehicle need to be checked at some stage, the service team has the necessary expertise and is always on hand. All of the electronically controlled ZF products are taken into consideration. Faults can be detected early on and the downtime of the vehicle is minimised. The ZF-TESTMAN diagnosis system is able to measure it all – the route's topography as well as the driving style. Consequently, the fleet owner and driver can benefit from the optimisation potential available.

Get more information on ZF-TESTMAN on the global website (in English only)

Technical support:

The right driveline solution will enhance performance and reduce costs. ZF Aftermarket helps you adapt your system optimally to its specific application requirements; in addition, we enable you to choose the most suitable set of modification factors from the huge variety of variants that are made available exclusively in the commercial vehicle sector.


Gearboxes / Exchange units:

A ZF exchange unit constitutes a fast, low-cost and ecological alternative to conventional repairs. ZF remanufactures manual, automated and automatic gearboxes for passenger cars, commercial vehicles and construction machinery at central remanufacturing locations. For industrially remanufactured gearboxes, ZF offers the same quality standards that apply to its volume production gearboxes.

Additionally, customers benefit from technical further development, as this is integrated into the remanufacturing process. ZF provides a warranty of up to 2 years for exchange units.

More information on remanufacturing at ZF Aftermarket (details on global website, in English only)

Worldwide availability

Exchange units are available worldwide via the extensive network of more than 650 service centres. Thanks to regular certification, we offer the same high quality and service standards worldwide.

Genuine spare parts

The ZF Aftermarket logistics centres stock over 100,000 spare parts for all types of gearboxes to ensure each gearbox operates perfectly. Spare parts are produced with the same manufacturing processes as our volume production components. They are subject to the same quality and inspection processes.

Technical and design-related changes or renewals are also included. ZF Aftermarket warrants spare parts provision for up to 15 years after volume production phaseout. And even longer for vintage cars.

Gearbox oils

All ZF gearboxes are filled as standard with semi-synthetic or fully synthetic premium grade oil ZF-LIFEGUARDFLUID. Optimised lubrication properties reduce fuel consumption and, in turn, CO2 emissions. Under normal conditions, the oil lasts a vehicle's entire life cycle, but it can age prematurely in case of excessive loads – such as from frequent use of trailers or quick, sporty driving. An oil change should therefore be recommended after 80,000 to 120,000 kilometers or eight years.

ZF Aftermarket also makes the OEM quality of ZF gearbox oils available to the free spare-parts market.

Find detailed information on ZF lubricants on the global website (in English)

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