[pro]Tech plusan exclusive partnership

[pro]Tech plus benefits include on-site consultations, preferred access to the training programmes as well as free access to exclusive vehicle manufacturer service events.

Benefits of [pro]Tech plus to your garage

  • Higher standard of trained technicians and technical expertise through ZF Technician Training Modules
  • Keeping your technicians up to date with vehicle technology
  • Vastly reduced risk of warranty returns
  • Diagnostic additional tips
  • Full, on going technician support from one of the worlds biggest OE manufacturers.

Expected support from ZF as a [pro]Tech plus garage

  • Online ZF technician information and technical bulletins
  • Access to online WebCat product information and installation instructions
  • ZF Technical Support Hotline
  • On-site sales development training
  • Request support of ZF Technical Support Engineer for on-site visits
  • ZF Technical Sales Team regular booked site visits
  • A dedicated [pro]Tech Garage Scheme Developer
  • Technicians personal training programme.

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