ZF Services [pro]TechKnowledge direct from the specialists

[pro]Tech and its packages provide the independent garage network with full technical support and technician training for today’s modern motor vehicles. [pro]Tech unlocks new business opportunities for independent garages, by providing the latest information on ever evolving and complex vehicle systems. All from one of the world’s largest manufacturers of driveline and chassis components - ZF.

ZF Services [pro]Tech: the workshop network for driveline and chassis - direct knowledge from specialists

[pro]Tech for the car and CV garage network

ZF Services UK launched its [pro]Tech garage concept back in 2013, and today it’s a reflection of the role as a system provider for driveline and chassis technology in the aftermarket. It provides garages with all the information they need from a single source. Participants will benefit from the direct support of specialist and manufacturer’s know-how and expertise.

As vehicles become more technically advanced, keeping workshop technicians skill sets up-to-date can be a challenge without the vital sources of technical information needed for repairs. Obtaining required levels of detail has not been straightforward and independent garages still regularly turn away business that is effectively dealer-only. This is where garages joining the ZF Services [pro]Tech network can gain access to an exclusive information portal with application details, technical specifications and fitting instructions for the complete parts ranges from Sachs, Lemförder and ZF Parts brands.

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