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About Us

ZF Services UK Ltd has a wide experience of satisfying specialist market requirements and works closely with its customers to achieve first class results, an approach that has been rewarded with key supplier status by major blue-chip users of ZF products.

ZF Services’ dedicated UK wind turbine gearbox service facility aims to maximise turbine uptime by offering overhauls carried out in the UK. The wind turbine gearbox services programme was designed after consulting with the UK’s major wind energy providers to understand the challenges they face; the result is a flexible, market-driven approach structured to evolve with industry needs.

The facilities in the UK play an important role in ZF’s global network of plants and service teams offering wind turbine gearbox overhaul, and can draw on the ZF Group’s collective experience of overhauling and testing gearboxes for the most widely used wind turbines. Servicing these high value products requires a purpose-built, state-of-the-art overhaul facility, demands that the UK’s Nottingham site meets with dedicated tooling, diagnostic systems and a test rig capable of handling gearboxes for turbines of up to two megawatts generating capacity.

Whether periodic component assessment, or a full overhaul and update of the gearbox to the latest OE design issue level, customers can be confident that their specific requirements will be expertly addressed by the industry trained specialist technicians and engineers within ZF Services.

ZF Wind Service Multi-Brand Gearbox Specialists

ZF Services UK understands that keeping turbines working efficiently, effectively and at maximum capacity is the aim of all Wind Farm operators. This is why we offer a variety of packages to support our customers’ requirements.

Field Service/ Up Tower Repair for Wind Farms

Field Service / Up Tower Repair

Our field service team can provide 24 hour multi-brand support for on-site fault diagnosis and repair for both on- and off-shore applications, maximising asset availability.

  • Industry trained technicians
  • On and off shore trained and certified
  • State of the art endoscope equipment
  • Oil analysis service
  • Vibration monitoring
  • Up tower bearing changes
  • OE upgrades.

Turbine Service Overhaul

Service Overhaul

The company has invested extensively in the specialist tooling and handling equipment necessary to overhaul complex gearboxes across many different brands up to 30 tonnes in weight. The process is rapid and efficient, with the focus on a thorough engineering assessment of work required and an equally meticulous approach by dedicated technicians to returning the gearbox to original condition.

  • ZF Wind Service overhauls current and non-current multi-brand wind turbine gearboxes
  • Failed gearboxes are examined and a detailed inspection report produced
  • The gearbox is then overhauled as agreed, tested and painted
  • Where possible gears are re-ground, otherwise OE quality parts are used
  • Only genuine replacement bearings are used.
Test Rig

ZF Services UK Ltd‘s dedicated purpose-built test rig is able to check important parameters and validate gearbox overhauls, ensuring product quality and customer peace of mind.

  • Overhaul validation rig
  • Output torque of slave gearbox up to 60,000Nm
  • Data acquisition of critical parameters such as vibration, noise and temperature
  • Oil filtering down to 3 microns
  • Adaptable for different size boxes and able to validate units up to 2MW.

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