Innovation in the Truck Market

Fuel Savings

Energy is precious. Therefore, no fuel should be wasted in goods transport. Fortunately, this is not necessary: Thanks to efficient commercial vehicle transmissions by ZF, with and without hybrid technology and lightweight components in the chassis. Nowadays, minimal energy is lost in the commercial vehicle transmission itself: The efficiency of ZF’s TraXon amounts to more than 99 percent. Nevertheless, transmissions are an important starting point when it comes to further fuel savings. This is because the engine speed and, ultimately, the gear selection of the transmission are responsible for consumption. For this reason, the shifting strategy is an extremely important element in addition to the transmission hardware in all ZF automatic transmission systems. The transmission control software programmed by ZF keeps the engine in the most economical speed range.

TraXon - Fit For The FutureTraXon

For those who are already thinking about tomorrow today, think in terms of questions and solutions. For those who seek a solution to the demand for more fuel economy, intelligence, performance, and comfort, seek new alternatives. But now there is a transmission that will make the decision an easy one for you. A transmission that is able to combine features that until now have been considered as incompatible. Whatever you demand - TraXon, the new, modular transmission by ZF, can meet it: Yes.It is a transmission platform with five modules for different driving applications and satisfies the most challenging requirements. Prepared for intelligent networking with other vehicle systems, and to set new standards in the areas of efficiency, comfort, and application diversity.TraXon - Because we already have the transmission of tomorrow - today!

Less weight on board

The search for weight reductions is worthwhile when it comes to trucks weighing many tonnes. Every kilogram less means that the shipping agency can load more freight – and earn more money. ZF uses its lightweight design expertise for commercial vehicles. One result is the innovative rear axle suspension for twin axles. With functional integration and lighter materials such as glass fiber reinforced plastics (GRP), ZF engineers significantly reduced the weight in a study of a 4-point link and in the overall system – almost 100 kilograms compared to a conventional axle. ZF continues efficiency efforts through lightweight design, reducing unsprung masses to enable more comfort and less bearing wear.

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