Special VehiclesZF Services UK maintains specialised military drives in the UK and Ireland.

Providing vehicle-side diagnostic support, service assistance, specified repair and overhaul programmes, as well as technical advice and documentation for ZF products and installations.

ZF Technology in Special Vehicles

Versatile, reliable and secure

Versatile, reliable and secure

Armored tracked and wheeled vehicles need to fulfill diverse functions, be able to cope with extreme on or off-road loads, as well as demonstrate maximum performance in the most demanding conditions.

They are not only utilized in areas of conflict; they are also used on a global scale in terms of disaster control and the the most diverse fields of applications and tasks that rescue teams face. The quality as well as the special possibilities in the field of ZF special driveline technology keeps them reliably on the move.

In the field, armored wheeled vehicles usually travel cross-country. There, speed, manoeuverability, as well as climbing and wading ability is required in addition to sophisticated four-wheel technology. It must be possible to easily tackle all terrain, each obstacle, every trench, and the vehicle must also be able to sneak just above the subsurface in "silent-watch mode".Armored vehicles, whether tracked or wheeled, must demonstrate a reliable maximum power output in the most extreme conditions.

The requirement for this is that the technical vehicle components and units must act and react in a harmonized manner. Consequently, system-oriented and linked thinking define the utilization-optimized ZF product development.Bigger, faster, heavier - and at the same time being more economical and more environmentally-friendly. The rapidly increased demands and the necessary adjustments to the skills profiles when deployed in international missions that demand the maximum performance of human and machine call for products that fulfil these tasks without compromise.

For decades, ZF Friedrichshafen AG has been producing drives, chassis, steering systems, components, as well as electronic software and assistance systems for armored wheeled and tracked vehicles.It is always the task of the ZF Special Driveline Technology engineers to further develop components in a targeted and application-oriented manner in order to meet the dynamically increasing requirements of this special market segment. In doing so, they build upon the comprehensive know-how of the Group that has been proven millions of times in the field of driveline and chassis technology.

Starting with the former manual multi-speed constant-mesh transmissions for mid-size and heavy tracked vehicles, ZF today equips the entire range of armored wheeled and tracked vehicles with state-of-the-art driveline and chassis technology.

ZF Hybrid Technology in Armored Vehicles

ZF Hybrid Technology in Armored Vehicles

ZF also dedicated itself to the further development of alternative propulsions; not only on the road, but also in terms of off-road applications.

As a pioneer, the company developed the first hybrid drives for wheeled and tracked vehicles with OEMs and, in collaboration with the respective vehicle manufacturer, tested them in the toughest technical, geographic, and meteorological conditions. Powerful electric motors support the conventional drive and prevent high power peaks.

Consequently, fuel consumption is drastically reduced, the engine is placed under a lower load, and the so-called "silent-watch operations" are facilitated without any problems whatsoever. With the designated integration of a hybrid module into the tried and tested transmission ranges, ZF is taking the logical step towards the future. As a consequence, the Group continues to develop innovations of great value.

About Us

ZF Services are responsible for the support and sustainability of ZF Special Vehicles equipment in the UK.

The UK forces vehicle fleets are largely populated with ZF products such as braking systems and final drive assemblies as well as specialised steering transmissions and drive transfer options, all of which can be found in a range of applications from logistical and reconnaissance vehicles to Beach Recovery Vehicles and Self Propelled Guns.

Our Defence customers require products and an aftersales service that will help keep their equipment functional.We can offer a full range of service and support solutions from over the phone diagnostics, to mobile service visits, spare parts supply and provide repairs or full remanufacture to original specifications. Additionally our services extend to preventative maintenance solutions including optimisation of current equipment to suit varying operational requirements.

Our commitment to product and customer support has seen our CONDO trained Technical Specialists deployed to Afghanistan, Kuwait, Iraq and New Zealand to assist with equipment optimisation, diagnostics and repair.

Remanufacturing and Repair

Our specialist team is committed to remanufacturing many of its products to reduce energy usage, minimise carbon footprint and conserve raw materials.

Our remanufacturing facilities are top rate and the finished product is completed to the highest OE standards.ZF Services UK repair and overhaul ZF and Non-ZF transmissions, axles and steering systems at its Nottingham facility.

Incorporating service modifications, and assembling and testing to the latest technical standards. Organisations, operators and end users can be assured of top quality products and services from ZF.

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