RailA leading RISAS approved provider of driveline and chassis technology for the rail industry.

ZF Aftermarket is a leading RISAS approved provider of driveline and chassis technology for the rail industry. Our proven specialist expertise has extended overhaul intervals and improved lifecycle costs for both ZFand other makes of rail final drives. We will find the solution to fit your requirements.

About ZF Rail

Centre of Competence

ZF Aftermarket is the global Centre of Competence for non ZF rail drive systems as well as maintaining its core competence of overhauling 100% of the UK ZF rail drive market (cyclic scheduled maintenance). Providing overhaul, repair and preventive maintenance for all rail operating companies using ZF product in the UK, the site has specialist workshop and testing facilities supported by mobile technical resources for fault diagnosis and on-site repairs. Using only genuine parts and able to incorporate the latest hardware and software product upgrades, ZF Aftermarket has a proven record of working in partnership with the rail operators to meet present and future needs.

Our History in Rail

ZF Aftermarket began overhauling rail drives in the UK in 2003, and since then has quadrupled its capacity reflecting the level of customer satisfaction in the support Nottingham can provide. Its core business in the rail sector is the remanufacture and overhaul of ZF-rail drives, and ZF Aftermarket has been successful in repeatedly securing all of the UK’s ZF rail drive overhaul business (around 2,200 drives) ZF Aftermarket’s proven rail capabilities has led to its establishment as a ZF Rail ‘Centre of Competence’, Nottingham supporting the other ZF sales and service organisations throughout Europe. Its established reputation has now resulted in a number of train operators engaging Nottingham to undertake overhaul work on other manufacturers’ rail drives – a strong endorsement of ZF Aftermarket performance.

Rail Service - Overhaul and driveline maintenance

Local support brings time and cost savings

Where UK aftersales support for rail drives from the manufacturer is unavailable from the original manufacturer, the units have to be returned to repair centres elsewhere in Europe, often keeping them out of service for two months or longer.

By contrast, ZF Aftermarket can have them back into service within weeks, bringing the operator considerable cost and turnaround benefits without compromising quality. Employing specialist technical procurement, using just-in-time’ (JIT) processes to ‘telescope’ leadtimes, and committing the necessary technicians to each task are just some of the ways that ZF Aftermarket ensures requested turnaround times are met. In this way, an operator’s entire fleet can be confidently scheduled into the ZF Aftermarket workshop for maintenance in line with the customer’s demands.

A business relationship that breeds trust

Holding detailed records of all ZF-rail drives in the UK, ZF Aftermarket can contact fleets well in advance of expected maintenance deadlines to assist them with planning. A condition assessment is undertaken enabling the true rather than theoretical point of overhaul to be established. Experience has shown that ZF Aftermarkets’ assessment can enable the first overhaul mileage to be safely extend by up to 50% in some cases, significantly reducing the operator’s maintenance costs. This is not only testament to the quality of the product but also highlights the value of ZF Aftermarket forging a trusting relationship with the customer.

An outstanding reliability record

High quality, dependable rail drives are a vital requirement for rail operators if they are to avoid the severe financial penalties imposed by rail regulators if a scheduled service is not provided. Warranty costs on Nottingham overhauled ZF-rail drives in 2010 was zero,confirming that the reliability of ZF drives and ZF Aftermarket’ overhauls is extremely high.

Remanufacturing and repair

ZF Aftermarket is committed to environmentally sensitive remanufacturing, minimising carbon footprint and conserving raw materials. During the remanufacturing process for ZF’s products, ZF Aftermarket factory-trained technicians strip the worn unit to component level, the individual parts are washed, measured and tested to assess their ability to complete another lifecycle. Worn parts are recycled for raw materials recycling, while components that meeting the necessary criteria are remanufactured to within the original tolerances and placed into stock for re-use. The unit is then rebuilt according to the latest specifications. Where components are not available from remanufactured stock, new OE items are supplied to complete the assembly.

Certain specific wear items are always replaced with new OE parts where experience shows this to be critical to the rebuilt units ‘second life’. as a matter of course. Where the product incorporates electronic control, software is updated to the latest release. Finally, the assembly is performance tested to the same criteria as for a new unit and warranted before release to the market.

For product lines where remanufacturing is not viable or there is negligible market demand, ZF Aftermarket can provide repair services or the necessary components.

Innovation and Repower

Service Business

ZF Aftermarket is committed to being a leading provider of final drive and transmission overhauls for the UK rail industry, supporting ZF product in operation as well as other OEM drives. With our dedicated Rail team, we look to work with operators, owners or maintenance providers to improve the LCC of the products we support. Underpinned by our RISAS accreditation ZF Aftermarket can offer technical solutions based for specific problems and issues the industry maybe facing, giving a cost effective, low risk engineering solutions.


ZF Aftermarket is part of the ZF Group which specialists in the design and manufacture of driveline components and solutions.Understanding the needs of the local market is important to ZF Aftermarket as this information is fed back to ZF Group to support the development of new products. ZF Aftermarket is committed to understanding these demands and looking at both innovative technical and commercial solutions to support the UK rail industry.

Repower Projects (ZF Ecomat / ZF Ecolife)

As part of our offering, ZF has developed specific transmissions for the UK DMU population. These products are a direct replacement for the current transmissions in operation in the UK market where there is a need to save fuel, maintenance costs and whole life costs. In addition to the significant savings, the environmental benefits of reducing noise levels, less oil usage and engine emissions are important areas that have been considered and achieved

Rail Industry Supplier Approval Scheme

RISAS Overview

In 2014, ZF Aftermarket was awarded the highest industry accolade, the RISAS approval, for the overhaul and repair of both ZF and non ZF Traction & Rolling Stock transmissions, including Final Drives and Gearboxes’, at its world leading Nottingham facility.

12 months in the planning, ZF Services UK worked with its Rail Industry Supplier Approval Body (RISAB), Railway Approvals Ltd, who provided guidance to the rail division at ZF Aftermarket for its series of in-house audits and checks to help evaluate compliance against the RISAS Supplier Assessment Module (RISAS 003) ahead of the official RISAS assessment visit. The Railway Industry Supplier Approval Scheme (RISAS) provides safety assurance for suppliers and services, including enhanced performance, product quality, as well as helping to improve efficiencies in the supply chain.

ZF Aftermarket had to meet stringent criteria and provide evidence of working procedures which assured quality and best practice across three distinct areas of quality, environmental impact and procurement. A complete review of working practices, from contract management and document control, to staff and training and supply chain efficiencies were evaluated, alongside a review of practices for the physical repair and overhaul work that is carried out by trained technicians.

What does RISAS accreditation mean to ZF?

The Managing Director of ZF Aftermarket said: “We have a culture of continuous improvement. We are constantly reviewing and evaluating our working practices to ensure we deliver not only exceptional customer service, but also deliver first rate products and services which the ZF brand is synonymous with. “The RISAS approval is an important milestone for us. We are the only ZF facility across the global Group to have achieved this internationally recognised standard. This demonstrates the high standards and expertise at ZF Aftermarket Nottingham and ensures we retain our position as the knowledge-driven partner of choice for our customers.

”Richard Bagworth, Head of Railway Approvals said: “The team at ZF Aftermarket worked hard to achieve this approval from RISAS to set them apart as a leading supplier in the UK. The company took a very structured approach to assess and evaluate its performance which will help them to grow as a business and provide great scope for the future.

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