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ZF innovations in driveline and chassis technology provide fuel economy, reduction in running costs, more driving comfort and better environmental sustainability.

  • Construction - Wheel Loader, Grader, Dump Truck, Telescopic Handler, Excavator/ Backhoe Loader, Concrete Mixer Truck, Compact Loader
  • Material Handling - Forklift, Crane, Dockyard, Port and Truck Driveline Technology Applications for vehicles like the IC Truck, Class 1 Counter Balance and Class 2 and 3 Warehouse Trucks
  • Agriculture - Tractor, Combine Harvester
  • Waste and Recycling Vehicles.

Products for Off-Highway vehicles

Off-Highway Videos

ZF Traxon

ZF Traxon for Mobile Cranes & Special Vehicles

A transmission platform with optional modules for most diverse applications and most demanding requirements. Prepared for intelligent networking with other vehicle systems and to set new standards in the areas of efficiency, comfort and application diversity.

ZF presents its new automatic transmission system for medium and heavy special vehicles and mobile cranes. With a completely new basic transmission and a modular concept, TraXon meets the demand of the market for a versatile solution covering a broad range of applications.

ZF Industrial Technology

ZF Industrial Technology

The business units of the Industrial Technology Division cover a very wide range of products and markets. The new I-Division movie shows all activities for "Off-Road" applications.

ZF Wheel Loader

ZF Wheel Loader - cPOWER

ZF cPOWER -- continuously variable transmissions for wheel loaders. cPOWER is the beginning of a new technological era in construction machinery. With the cPOWER transmission range ZF will ensure and extend its market position for construction machinery.

The fully powersplit, continuously variable technology benefits from the long-term experience gained in the agricultural machinery sector and offers significant consumption benefits and productivity increases for the vehicle owner. In short -- the perfect solution for any application.

Main features of the ZF cPOWER:
• Continuously variable drive over the whole range
• Hydrostatic-mechanical powersplitting in all driving ranges, including the frequently used range up to 10 km/h
• Reduction of diesel motor speed independent of driving speed
• Up to 30 % less consumption
• Up to 20 % higher efficiency
• Installation-compatible with ZF ERGOPOWER
• Identical driving performance in forward and reverse.

ZF Compact Loader

ZF Compact Loader

The 2HC 85 transmission system with integrated actuators and sensors for construction machinery of up to 10 tons allows continuously variable vehicle speeds of up to 50 km/h and does not require any additional shifting devices.

Compact off-road machinery is used where the large machine has no access or is overdimensioned. Apart from the size of load, however, the requirements for the vehicle are similar. In addition to the known requirements of the market for more compact drive systems with reduced noise level, there is an ever-increasing demand for reduced fuel consumption. At the same time, however, the vehicle speed should be increased. The new HC 85 hydrostatic drive meets these market requirements.

2HC 85 features
• continuously variable hydrostatic transmission for compact machinery
• New hydrostatic drive HC 85 allows for speeds up to 50 km/h
• Compact and modular design for variable CVT operation
• Hydrostatic transmission for vehicles up to 10 tons
• Equipped with 2 crankshaft radial piston motors ensuring increased efficiency and reduced fuel consumption.

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Customer Services Advisor

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Customer Services Team

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Product Support Engineer

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Product Support Team

The ZF Aftermarket Off-Highway Team has a dedicated product support team available to deal with all requirements of the market.

For queries please contact or call 0333 240 1123.

ZF prides itself on using only highly skilled and dedicated technicians to provide our customers with OE quality diagnostics and repair

Prompt strip and assess service plus rapid repair turnaround

ZF Aftermarket recognises that customers often prefer to have their own gearbox repaired and returned rather than accept an exchange unit. To meet this demand with minimal downtime, on arrival at the ZF Aftermarket workshop the unit is stripped for initial examination. The customer is then promptly provided with an estimate for parts and labour before any further work is agreed. All assessment and repair operations are performed by ZF factory trained engineers, and only genuine ZF parts and OE consumables are used throughout. All units are fully rig tested and warranted before being returned to the customer.

Remanufacturing and repair

ZF Aftermarket is committed to remanufacturing many of its products to reduce energy usage, minimise carbon footprint and conserve raw materials.

Installation checks detect unresolved problems

After transmission removal and replacement following repair or remanufacture, it pays to request a post-installation check from ZF Aftermarket to ensure full interoperability with other vehicle systems. During the check, a ZF Aftermarket engineer will inspect transmission mountings, propshafts, engine connections and the operation of any direct interlocks or other safety functions. The transmission control unit software will also be updated to the latest version.In more than 75 per cent of cases where these checks have been carried out, the engineer has identified items on the vehicle that are either not working or not to specification, with recommended corrective action. As a consequence, the vehicle operator’s investment is protected through prolonged transmission life and enhanced long-term reliability.

Technical support is available to resolve your Off Highway machine issues as quickly and efficiently as possible

Expert technical support

ZF Aftermarket provides full life technical support for all ZF special driveline products, including Off Highway transmissions and driveline components. This timely and effective support helps to maintain the efficiency of Off-Highway vehicles and reduce costs for their operators. Continuous investment in the Nottingham site’s dedicated facilities and a network of service partners throughout the UK ensures that the right products and expertise are always on hand, with backup from ZF’s worldwide network if required when sourcing less common components. This ensures a minimum of downtime for Off-Highway vehicles with the further benefit of realistic pricing due to global buying power.

Technical helpline

Around 40 per cent of transmission or driveline component problems reported via the ZF Aftermarket technical helpline can be solved during the telephone call, through ZF Aftermarket's technical experts offering free advice and talking the customer through some straightforward fault-finding procedures. Where a more detailed investigation is required, the same call can be used to book a site visit for fault diagnosis and to arrange a repair or a remanufactured or service exchange unit to get the vehicle back into service fast. Call Customer Services on 0333 240 1123.

On-site transmission health checks, diagnostics and repairs

In the event of a vehicle breakdown, one of ZF Aftermarket’s field engineers can attend the vehicle on site, minimising loss of revenue and unscheduled downtime for the customer. Equipped with diagnostics tools and commonly needed parts, the engineer will run comprehensive checks to rapidly confirm the cause of the problem and in many cases can rectify the fault during the same visit. ZF Afternarket also offers on-site scheduled inspections and preventive maintenance programmes including transmission health checks and component condition monitoring via oil sampling. These can be booked to take place during quieter periods, ensuring that a vehicle’s transmission and driveline is always in optimum condition to face times of peak demand.

For any questions on services and products call our Customer Services Team on 0333 240 1123.

When safety is your top priority – always insist on genuine ZF spare parts

Keep it an original with genuine ZF parts

The demands for high equipment availability, low operating costs and long service intervals have led to more stringent requirements on service parts in buses and construction equipment. Safety certainly is the most important aspect when it comes to brake spare parts.

Right from the start, the original equipment of ZF transmission and axle components with top-quality wear parts ensures maximum mileage and reliable operation of your machines. Servicing your equipment with genuine spare parts from ZF is your best guarantee for maintaining the original vehicle performance. Only genuine parts are perfectly matched to the particular vehicle requirements and features. They were developed along with the ZF vehicle components to ensure optimum interaction.

ZF and its production partners are heavily investing in research and development, manufacture and quality control of their spare parts to make them fully meet these high technical demands, including vehicle-specific characteristics, warranty requirements and safety standards.

Genuine ZF parts are your safest way of avoiding time consuming and expensive downtime and achieving outstanding operating economy. For any questions on services and products call our Customer Services Team on 0333 240 1123.