ZF Ecolife Start-Stop for City BusCity buses become more efficient, quieter and lighter.

ZF Ecolife now with Start-Stop

The re-engineered ZF Ecolife Automative Transmission now comes with a start-stop function which enables fuel savings of up to 10% in conventional diesel city buses. It is suitable for every bus application. Also, an additional electric motor in the driveline is not necessary and reduces both costs and installation space.

It has a powershift transmission which has an optimal gear ratio spread combined with especially favorable mechanical efficiency. The torque converter lock-up clutch shuts shortly after setting off to effectively use engine power. Combined with the torque converter ratio, the six gears produce a maximum total spread of 12.5. The hydrodynamic torque converter with standard turbine torsional damper enables high input torques at low engine speeds. This also reduces noise levels.

The integrated primary retarder is incorporated into the vehicle's brake management system and supports high braking power even at lower speeds. This effectively preserves the vehicle's service brakes and produces less environmentally damaging brake wear. Longer intervals between oil changes result in less used oil and contribute to preserving your budget as well as the environment.

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