For those who are already thinking about tomorrow today, think in terms of questions and solutions. For those who seek a solution to the demand for more fuel economy, intelligence, performance, and comfort, seek new alternatives. But now there is a transmission that will make the decision an easy one for you. A transmission that is able to combine features that until now have been considered as incompatible. Whatever you demand - TraXon, the new, modular transmission by ZF, can meet it: Yes.

It is a transmission platform with five modules for different driving applications and satisfies the most challenging requirements. Prepared for intelligent networking with other vehicle systems, and to set new standards in the areas of efficiency, comfort, and application diversity.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Modular system
  • Ultimate reliability
  • Optimal efficiency
  • Ecologically sustainable technology
  • Intelligent networking
  • Increased comfort

Intelligent Networking The Traxon Software

Prevision GPS

PreVision GPS is an anticipatory driving strategy (optionally) that intelligently connects transmission and GPS system. A transmission that knows in advance when to shift gears, increases performance and comfort and, simultaneously, reduces fuel consumption. Topography and course of the road are assessed and considered when choosing the right gear and gear shifting point.

More efficiency

Driving programs
In order to be able to quickly react to different requirements, TraXon offers different driving programs which adapt flexibly to your needs. Be it the economical ECO program or high performance with the Power program: The driving strategy and shift dynamics can be comfortably changed, either using a switch or completely automatically.

Rolling function
Intelligent sensors activate the rolling function (transmission changes to neutral position) to optimize fuel consumption and minimize drag losses. In this process, the road resistance and tilt angle are identified and the rolling phase is triggered. In particular when combined with PreVision GPS, the rolling function is able to recognize differences in height in advance and adapt the driving strategy accordingly.

Start-stop system
When standing at a traffic light for a long time, the start-stop system (where the engine is switched off) helps to reduce fuel consumption and emissions. The TraXon transmission has already been programmed for this technology and keeps the transmission control unit in quickstart position on demand.

Quick gearshifts
Especially when climbing up hills, any tractive force interruption results in loss in speed and efficiency. The enhanced shifting process and an optimized driving strategy reduce the time required for shifting gears to a minimum and consequently save fuel.

More comfort

Comfortable gear shifting
High-resolution sensors precisely capture the speed and trigger smooth clutch engagement and gear shifting processes. This enhances the driver´s comfort and ensures ideal acceleration when setting off.

Maneuvering function
Setting off and maneuvering with heavy vehicles requires a great deal of skill. The TraXon transmission combines excellent handling abilities using the accelerator pedal with smooth clutch engagement resulting in perfectly controlling the vehicle even in difficult situations.

Setting off on an uphill gradient
The comfortable and safe solution for uphill and downhill driving. Sensors capture the inclination and vehicle weight and calculate the ideal torque resulting in easy, quick, and comfortable setting off on any terrain.

More application diversity

Two or four reverse gears
If there is not enough space to make a complete U-turn, the only option is to use the reverse gear. For this reason, the new TraXon transmission offers not only the standard transmission ratio, but also an especially slow one for precise maneuvering. And if higher speeds are required, four reverse gears are provided as an option also enabling fast driving, e.g. at highway construction sites.

Rock-free function
Applications on difficult terrain are always a challenge - for driver and vehicle. The rock-free function has an extended clutch control that is able to free the vehicle from pits and other obstacles by invoking a rocking movement.

Offroad function
Far away from tarred roads, completely different conditions prevail: The driver can manually activate the off-road function which automatically adapts the machine functions to the new surface. Thanks to the ideal calculation of the road resistance, adapted gear shifting speeds, and special clutch functions, the vehicle can move safely on the terrain, even when carrying heavy loads.


TraXon basic transmission

TraXon, the automatic commercial vehicle transmission, was developed to live up to future needs: More performance with less fuel consumption and more application diversity with less customization effort. The solution: A single basic transmission was designed for different vehicles and applications can be customized individually by utilizing optional modules. This modular transmission system opens up new dimensions in terms of performance, economy, environmental compatibility, and comfort - exactly where it is required.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Less customization efforts thanks to the platform design
  • Long service life
  • High torque range: DD up to 2,800 Nm, OD up to 3,500 Nm
  • ConAct concentric clutch actuation system
  • Maximum transmission ratios for less fuel consumption
  • Reduced transmission noise
  • Highest transmission efficiency in class
Single/Dual disc clutch

Your Advantages at a Glance:

  • Long service life
  • Excellent separating properties
  • Effective power transmission
  • Low transmission noise
  • Minimum wear
  • Good automation options
TraXon Dual - dual clutch module

The shift module that combines efficient gear shifting with excellent acceleration. Every gear change reduces the tractive force which is especially perceptible when driving with heavy payload. Due to ever longer rear-axle ratios, the number of required gear changes in top speeds will continue to increase more. It is in exactly these situations that the dual-clutch module ensures smooth gear shifting without interrupting the tractive force and losing speed. The benefits of low engine speed and therefore reduced fuel consumption can be fully leveraged - to simultaneously achieve enhanced comfort.

Your Advantages at a Glance:

  • Low fuel consumption
  • Comfortable gear changes
  • No tractive force interruption
  • No speed loss
  • Low engine speed
  • Reduced emissions
TraXon Hybrid - hybrid module

The module for setting off that uses tomorrow´s technology and establishes a new way of thinking in commercial vehicle technology. Electric drive also in long-distance transport does not need to remain an unrealistic vision. In particular greater driving performance with heavy payload in constantly changing topography still encompasses untapped energy saving potential for maximum economy and emission reduction.

Your Advantages at a Glance

  • Very low fuel consumption
  • Boost function for increasing performance
  • Minimum emissions
  • Electric start/stop function
  • Recuperation while braking
  • Electric power take-off possible
  • Possible: Electric driving without engine operation
NMV power take-off module

The engine-dependent module for special applications. No matter whether it is in fire-fighting vehicles, concrete pumps and mixers, or in flushing and sewage vehicles: The PTO is an independent module that can always be actuated, even in on-load operation and it withstands highest loads and stresses - of course, also while in continuous operation.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Engine-dependent operation
  • High service life thanks to DynaDamp vibration damper
  • Transmission gear shifts in PTO operation are possible while driving
  • Additional clutch-dependent PTOs possible
  • Extreme robustness/loading capacity up to 2,000 Nm
  • Compatible SAE interface
  • Suitable for continuous operation
  • Possible to combine with other, third-party transmissions
TraXon Torque - WSK torque converter clutch heavy-duty module

The module for zero-wear setting off with the heaviest vehicles. When heavy equipment is used, the torque converter clutch with hydrodynamic torque converter is the best choice to get things moving quickly and smoothly - also for the driveline. And if you want to stop the heavy commercial vehicle, the integrated primary retarder ensures reliable and zero-wear braking.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Suitable for heavy loads
  • Fuel efficient power transmission
  • Zero-wear setting off and braking without bucking
  • Comfortable operation in either automatic transmissions or with manual gear selections
  • Can be combined with PTO

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