Electronic Control Unit

Electronics and software are key factors for meeting vehicle efficiency targets and hence reducing CO2 emissions.

Bits and Bytes for Less Fuel Consumption and More Dynamics

The relevance of electronic components in vehicles is constantly increasing. Today, bits and bytes play a critical role in the product quality of vehicles and their components – a trend which is set to increase even further in the future.ZF leverages its extensive electronics know-how to develop powerful control units. The transmission control software from ZF lowers fuel consumption while delivering more dynamics and comfort. A configuration consistently optimized for fuel consumption is just as much an option as comfort-oriented or sporty and dynamic gear changes.

In case of the 9HP, the worldwide first automatic transmission with 9 gears, the ZF engineers completely developed the control unit in-house, benefiting from their extensive hardware and software expertise. The electronic control unit significantly influences the 9HP's characteristics and enables the selection of the ideal gear in every driving situation – unnoticed by the driver.

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