During your tour through the multimedia exhibition you will discover that we come into contact with ZF innovations virtually every day: Whether we take the car or bus to work, see trucks delivering everyday products, or obtain energy from wind power – ZF has developed and produced key technologies for all these applications.

On more than 3,000 square meters on the ground floor of the ZF Forum you gain a multifaceted picture of ZF with exciting visual and thematic links from constantly new, surprising perspectives. Close-ups and wide shots, overview and detailed information, fun-packed discoveries – experience the exhibition's various topic areas: At a Glance, Motorsports, Innovation History, Innovations, Competencies and Corporate Future in lots of different ways.

At a glance – facts & figures

Under a seemingly free floating media ring you can immerse yourself interactively in virtual worlds via a large desk installation that includes tablet PCs, and call up animations on strategy and many other inspiring topics.

desk installation

Motorsports – always an experience

Your gaze is then drawn to the original BMW Sauber F1.07 Formula One racing car from 2008.
It forms the highlight of the Motorsports exhibition area which provides fascinating insights into ZF's historical and current involvement in this sport.

Innovation history – more than 100 years

The five streets of the Innovation History show you cars and exhibits from ZF's history that stretches back over 100 years. The BMW 2000 C, equipped with the first 3-speed automatic transmission 3HP12, the Magirus FS 145 fire truck from 1940 with the ZF standard transmission K 50 or the Porsche Diesel Junior tractor from 1957 with the ZF A 4 tractor transmission – just a few of the highlights that are bound to set your pulse racing.

Follow the ideas and visions from the founding years through to today. They are testimony to ZF's innovativeness as the driving force behind the company's development and success since its foundation.

Innovations – embracing the future today

The Innovations exhibition areas let you experience that courage and visions are not just part of ZF's past, but continue to be an essential element in the present and future too. Today's Vision Zero reflects our intention to eliminate accidents and emissions. To this end, ZF enables vehicles to “SEE - THINK - ACT”: ZF can link cameras and radar systems to provide a 360-degree view (SEE). ZF produces and connects the vehicle’s switching center through a network of electronic control units (THINK). ZF can connect mechatronic systems in the driveline, chassis or steering to support state-of-the-art driving functions (ACT). We make vehicles smart.

Geared to today's megatrends of safety, efficiency and autonomous driving you can find out how ZF as technology leader helps determine and shape the dynamic world of the automotive industry with its extensive portfolio. Exciting exhibits and scenarios illustrate how ZF technology combines individual mobility and driving pleasure with efficiency, resource conservation and enhanced safety. Discover for instance what technology ZF will use to further reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions on the road – and many other solutions for today's and tomorrow's challenges.

Insights into ZF's wide-ranging product world for passenger cars, trucks, commercial vehicles and industrial technology will also astound you. Do you know how much ZF technology you will find in virtually any passenger car? Or that over 2 million units of the legendary “Ecosplit” truck transmission have been sold so far? That the Wuppertal Suspension Railway, wind turbines, ships and other off-road industrial technology are driven by ZF products? Lots of answers to lots of questions.

Competencies – it is all about the detail

Four individual areas devoted to Competencies bring to life the topics which interlink everything: Research & Development, Production, Careers and Aftermarket. Especially Research & Development is paramount for ZF's position as an innovation leader. Get a feel for the world of ideation and megatrends.

The Production exhibition area provides insights into global manufacturing and assembly at ZF. See here how ZF employees worldwide develop professionally and network, and how we provide customers with services in the aftermarket.

Corporate future – scenarios and visions

Discover here what the future can bring us. The exhibition areas of Work, Living, Mobility, Energy & Ecology show you what our daily lives could look like in ten or thirty years' time.
How will we live and work? How will we be mobile? What new medical techniques will we be able to use?

Foreseeable developments play just as much a role as visions that may seem like science fiction from today's standpoint. What would happen, for instance, if one day we could defy gravity or communicate via telepathy?

Corporate Future will inspire you, giving you food for thought on the kinds of opportunities that tomorrow's world holds for us all.