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Entry Certificate at ZF

Due to the legal changes, ZF Friedrichshafen AG will take advantage of the opportunity to send electronic entry certificates in accordance with Section 17a (2) Nr.2 UStDV in terms of collective confirmations on a monthly base for realized intra-community supplies of goods from Germany to customers within the EU.

There are two alternatives to transmit the entry certificate to ZF Friedrichshafen AG:

Web Form

Transmission of the prior calendar month’s supplies in a web-based form, which you will receive from ZF and will also contain the deliveries. Therefore it is necessary to provide us an e-mail address to send these lists. As the receiver of goods, you will be able to confirm, change or reject the information.


The transmission of the entry certificate via EDI according to the structure VDA4989 by the receiver.

The following links show the EDI Guidelines.

VDA 4989 - Entry Certificate with EDI


For questions regarding entry certificates, please contact:

Michael Heuss