TOMS – Transportmanagement for ZF

Welcome to our information page of our transport management system TOMS. On this page you can find all relevant information for using the Supply On system as for example our training videos, where you are guided through our transport ordering process step by step.

Overview System Implementation

The current process of manual transport ordering by our suppliers (via fax, E-mail etc.) will be replaced by a standardized, electronic process of transport ordering via the supplier platform SupplyOn.

General Information about the System Implementation

An overview over the process steps and the new transport ordering method as well as the implementation steps are given in the following videos.

TOMS Overview
First Steps & System Access

Training Videos

The new transport ordering process via SupplyOn TOMS is divided into two steps.

Step 1

Step 1: Creation of Transport Order (FPA) one day before pickup.

For deliveries to ZF Hungaria please consider the further document. (s. further documents)

Creation of Transport Order (FPA)

Step 2

Step 2: Creation of ASN at day of pickup.

Classical EDI Suppliers
WebEDI Suppliers

Process Slides TOMS Standard

Process slides TOMS Blanko

FAQ & Further Documents


If there are further questions in addition to the videos and documents, please contact our central postbox GBZF@ms.pbz !