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Compliance at ZF

Our Guiding Principles

At ZF, we place a priority on appropriate, responsible and sustainable business behavior, which is the basis for the trust we have established with society and our customers, shareholders and business partners. We base our activities on the applicable laws of the countries in which we operate. Compliance is an essential element in achieving and ensuring the long-term success of our company, thriving in a competitive market, and gaining the respect and trust of our customers.

To assist our employees in this enterprise, we have implemented the ZF Code of Conduct, which is binding for all ZF employees worldwide. Our Code of Conduct provides the foundation of our values and core principles. These values and core principles establish the ground rules that must guide employees in their day-to-day business activities.

ZF, including all its affiliated companies, expects its business partners to adhere to locally applicable law, generally accepted standards of social responsibility, and the basic principles of integrity. Therefore, ZF issued its Business Partner Principles.

These two governing documents as well as additional information about the importance of compliance in our business culture can be found here on our Corporate page.



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