Compliance at ZF

Submitting Reports

Our aim is to fulfill compliance requirements in all business situations. Since breaches jeopardize our financial success and put employees at risk, it is important not to look the other way but to report possible misconduct early on.

The best protection comes from within

Each individual employee can help safeguard the trust which our customers place in us. That means not only complying with the rules, but also identifying breaches early on, reporting such breaches, and thus eliminating potential problems.

ZF provides various reporting channels for submitting reports: Getting into direct contact via the Compliance organization or anonymously via the ZF Trustline notification system.

ZF Trustline: Our electronic notification system

How it works

ZF Trustline is ZF Friedrichshafen AG's electronic notification system. It is available to all employees and business partners. Reports on serious compliance breaches can be forwarded via the system.

Reports are submitted outside the ZF network, round the clock, and anonymously if so wished. ZF Trustline works like an electronic mailbox, which also facilitates an anonymous dialog.

The advantages

The key difference to the other contact options is that ZF Trustline guarantees absolute anonymity to every whistle-blower. The electronic platform ZF Trustline resides on an external server so that it is not possible to trace the reports submitted outside ZF over the Internet.

Here you can anonymously submit reports.



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