Autonomous Transport Systems

Autonomous Transport Systems by ZF

Traditional public transportation is changing and expanding. Our autonomous transport system offers a concept to ease the pressure on urban districts and connect rural areas more conveniently. A network of electrically powered, driverless shuttles with on-demand scheduling and a seamless connection to other public transport systems such as buses and trains represents a true alternative to privately owned cars.

ZF's Next Generation Shuttle

Torsten Gollewski, Executive Vice President, Autonomous Mobility Systems at ZF, explains the new-generation autonomous Level 4 shuttle.

Clean Transportation with Autonomous Shuttles

Driverless, fully electric shuttles can relieve congested inner-city streets, reduce emissions and better connect rural areas. With its autonomous transport system, ZF offers a complete ecosystem from a single source.

Our service offer for autonomous vehicle fleets

At ZF Aftermarket, we follow a holistic approach: Our service offerings provide you with support throughout the entire lifecycle of your Autonomous Transport Systems.

Our Applications

Our Solutions: Already Available Today

Autonomous transport systems are not visions of the future. With our shuttles for segregated lanes, we offer a clean, safe and tailored-to-local-markets public transport solution that can already be deployed today. This system has been extensively tested: In various projects around the world, our vehicles have covered over 100 million kilometers autonomously. Our portfolio also includes applications for dedicated lanes and mixed operations.

Our Shuttle System

ZF as a Full-Range Provider

ZF – Your Partner on the Road to Success

From planning to implementation, from operation to service and maintenance by our global aftermarket network: As a full-range provider, we support you on the way toward your perfect mobility solution.

Rivium Project

Since 1999, a precursor system has been transporting 3,000 passengers a day to the Rivium Business Park in Rotterdam. The 3rd shuttle generation is now running on the almost two kilometers long route. 

RABus project

ZF is one of the partners of the local public transport project “RABus”. The goal of the project is to deploy and research electric bus shuttles up to autonomous level 4.

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Michael Hoffmann

ZF Mobility Solutions Managing Director