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ZF Tradition is committed to preserving its historic automotive heritage.

ZF has a company history of over a hundred years, during which countless vehicles have been equipped with ZF technology. Wherever possible, ZF Tradition would like to support the owners of historic vehicles with ZF products and those active in historic motorsport so that they can continue to use their vehicles successfully on the road or the race tracks. To this end, spare parts are available on request and even some complete exchange transmissions can be ordered.

The right solution

Whatever necessary...


We work with specialised staff, high-precision tools and test benches to carry out reconditioning or repairs for all our historic products.


Thanks to our extensive drawing archive, we are able to reproduce any of our spare parts according to the original parts list, original drawing and the ZF quality of the time.


Based on recalculations and the use of the latest manufacturing technologies, we produce high-quality original spare parts and products for you.

Original spare parts for classic cars

ZF Tradition has original spare parts for all historical ZF products ready for you. Should a spare part not be in stock, we can always offer you a one-off production for your required spare part.

Vehicle components and services

Passenger cars and sports cars

  • Automatic and manual transmissions
  • Clutches and converters
  • Nivomats and hydromats
  • Multi-disc limited slip differentials

Agricultural and construction machinery

  • Manual transmissions
  • Clutches and converters

Trucks and buses

  • Manual transmissions
  • Clutches and converters

Automatic and manual transmissions

  • Spare parts, e.g. seal sets, bearing sets, shafts and gears
  • Overhauls
  • Repair services

Nivomat and Hydromat

  • Overhauls
  • Repair services


  • Reproduction of the original S 5-325, S 5-20
  • Rebuild of Hanomag Rekord clutch
  • Re-manufacture of original ZF wheel sets
  • “Cradle to Cradle“ award for resource efficient product cycles

Historical ZF transmissions

S 4/5-17, S 5-20

Maserati 3500 GT | BMW 503,507

S 5-325

Aston Martin DB5, DB6 | Iso Grifo, Rivolta | Maserati Ghibli, Mistral

5 DS 25/2

Ford GT40 | BMW M1 | De Tomaso Pantera

S 5-24 /2 /3

Aston Martin DBS, V8 Volante | Maserati Longchamp | Lamborghini LM001

S 5-20

Daimler Pagode W113 | Maserati 3500 GT

S 5-18/3

Opel Kadett | Ford Escort

Products for Tradition

Search the products on offer from ZF Tradition.

Aston Martin DB5, DB6

Winter Checklist

It’s time to start preparing your vintage car for the colder months. At ZF Tradition, we’ve put together some of the most important tips to keep your car in top condition, whatever the winter season brings!

Aston Martin DB5, DB6

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Head of Tradition

ZF Race Engineering

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Elisa Marie Maier

Sales and Technical Specialist

ZF Race Engineering

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