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GearboxesCustomized DesignsRotor side integrated

Rotor side integrated

3.0MW integrated rotor side

Compact design, high performance

The current integrated rotor side solutions build upon the strengths of the bogie principle in the first planetary stage. The bogie principle can compensate for deformations in the surrounding structures thereby ensuring optimal gear load distribution under all operational conditions. This gearbox design allows our customers to design their nacelle frame structures for strength, leading to minimum weight, instead of for stiffness, which is required for alignment purposes in conventional designs.


Compact design, optimized for high torque density and power to weight ratios, without compromising performance

In the 3.x MW design, an integrated double taper row main bearing transfers rotor loads whilst the gearbox housing stiffens the nacelle frame leading to record low tower top weights

The 3.x MW gearbox design features excellent efficiency through lubrication by means of an external oil tank, instead of an internal oil sump

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