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TraXon - the fully automatic transmission system for modern trucks

TraXon is the new standard in many respects. Thanks to its groundbreaking technology, you are all set for tomorrow‘s requirements.

LIGHT. With TraXon, you can achieve larger loads on your vehicle than with other transmissions in the same performance class.

STRONG. The extra high transmission spread along with an exceptionally powerful torque keeps the truck moving forward in every situation.

INTELLIGENT. TraXon is GPS-assisted and predictive. Versatile software functions support fuel-efficient driving and create additional customer value.

Focus on: Customer Value

The fuel-saving driveline has taken on more importance than ever before with the introduction of the Euro 6 Standard. The new TraXon is specifically designed to meet this challenge, assisting both the driver and fleet owner. And it‘s not only its compact design and smooth-running characteristics which are impressive. High efficiency in the mechanical transmission part transfers the generated engine output directly to the driven axle with virtually no power loss.

The exceptional transmission spread lets TraXon operate with power and efficiency in equal measure! The vehicle‘s exact location on the route can always be tracked thanks to the new GPS connection. This enables effective, fuel-efficient software functions.

The ConAct clutch actuation mounted on the input shaft switches gears with exceptional speed, precision and smoothness. And with its modern housing and specific internal design improvements, TraXon is in total 6 dB – about one third – quieter than its predecessor. Driving with TraXon is a conscious choice to cut operating costs and emissions effectively. Thanks to its robustness (TraXon is designed for a very high number of gear changes and clutch operations), the transmission system not only keeps operating costs down, it also keeps service costs over its entire lifetime particularly low.


TraXon‘s advantages at a glance

  • Input torque up to 3,400 Nm
  • 12 or 16 forward gears
  • Up to 4 reverse gears
  • PreVision GPS driving strategy
    Highest torque-mass ratio 12,83 Nm/kg (12-speed-version)
    Highest transmission spread DD 16,69-1,00 / OD 12,92-0,77
    Highest efficiency 99,7 %
  • Exceptionally quiet
    -35 % (-6 dB compared to AS Tronic)
  • High robustness
    service life of up to 1.6 million road kilometers


  • Of course, TraXon also includes the appropriate ZF clutch in one or two-disc design.
  • The entire range of clutch and drive-dependent PTOs can be supplied.
  • And of course the Intarder is also available.
  • In addition, the transmission can be upgraded with various function modules.

Transmission functions

Professionals are already impressed by TraXon‘s high-performance technical ratings. The transmission also scores highly for its wide range of special features.

Prevision GPS

The truck is safely guided across all terrain by satellite positioning as quickly and safely as on the home stretch.

+ GPS assistance

+ Optimized automatic mode

+ High efficiency

+ Fuel savings

+ Maximum comfort

+ Relaxed driving

Key factors: the truck and its route.

Satellite information is available for every meter and every second, tracking any changes in topography during travel. Based on the route position and data on the vehicle‘s current state, the control electronics can continually determine the best operating mode for the truck. The electronics transfer signals for the ideal shifting point and most favorable shifting speed directly to the involved actuators, which then quickly and precisely execute these instructions.

Gear changes are so smooth they go unnoticed by the driver who, as a result, feels no need to intervene. This means that the possibility of personal driving errors is more or less excluded and inefficient driving is a thing of the past.

A step toward added safety, comfort and even greater fuel efficiency. A step into the future.

More information on TraXon


TraXon is the answer to increasing fuel prices and more stringent environmental regulations. One basic transmission with five optional modules can deliver the optimum solution for every application.