The S-Cam4T can recognize and classify objects and traffic signs.

Dual Lens Camera - Looking twice for a better view

The S-Cam4T is a front camera for truck applications and has two lenses (52 degrees and 150 degrees), allowing it to cover both long-distance and close-up ranges. The central image processing module (IPM) ensures the most advanced object recognition and classification – for example, that of traffic signs. The S-Cam4T is suitable for sensor fusion in combination with other systems.


  • Best optical performance in its class due to double lenses – important for automated driving
  • High opening angle with up to 150 degrees
  • Flexible and compact mechanical design to suit a wide range of vehicle types with differing windshield angles
  • Far smaller than most CV cameras on the market despite a larger range of functions
  • Redundancy for L2+ automated driving due to multiple optical paths
  • Also available as single lens entry-level camera (52 degrees) with limited functionality
  • Development partner: Mobileye Ltd.