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Radarsystem AC 1000 T

The AC1000T is a mid-range forward-facing radar that can be used to measure distance and speed in almost all weather conditions.

Forward-facing mid-range radar for commercial vehicles

The AC1000T is a 77 GHz mid-range radar system. It has improved speed resolution and a range of up to 200 meters. Thanks to the horizontal opening angle of up to 70 degrees, the optimal functioning of systems such as adaptive cruise control, anticipatory collision warning and automatic emergency braking is guaranteed.


  • Patented FMFSK waveform for superior interference and jamming rejection
  • Powerful ACC algorithm based on 15 years of development expertise for passenger cars and commercial vehicles
  • Meets ECE 131 requirements
  • Compact size – 82 x 80 mm cross-section
  • Works in almost all weather conditions