ChassisDamping SystemseCALM (in Development)

eCALM (in Development)

eCALM module
eCALM control unit

Electronic Cabin Air Leveling Module for cabin suspension - Increase Comfort While Saving Energy

With ZF eCALM commercial vehicles can benefit from the advantages of having pneumatic suspension in the driver's cabin – and from additional features such as leveling, lowering and raising the cabin to different levels. The electronic control unit reduces air and energy consumption. Especially when interacting with ZF's adaptive damping system CDC, eCALM creates the ideal foundation for the maximum driving comfort a mobile workplace can offer.


  • Continuously adjustable damping (optional)
  • Electronically controlled, pneumatic cabin suspension for driver's cabin applications
  • Leveling, lowering, raising the driver's cabin
  • Considerably reduced air/energy consumption
  • Height leveling is less susceptible to external influences such as dirt and damage
  • Cabin position data is supplied to third-party systems such as GPS or cameras for autonomous driving

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