ADM 2 electronics (Automatic Drive-Train Management)
ADM 2 in dumpers
ADM 2 in mobile cranes
ADM 2 system overview
ADM 2 in fire-fighting vehicles
Networking in the vehicle with ADM 2

More safety with Automatic Drive-Train Management

ADM 2 from ZF is a high-tech system for the fully automatic control of all locking functions in the driveline of commercial all-wheel drives and special vehicles. It consists of mechanical hardware, electronics and vehicle specific software. The core components of the system are special ADM dog clutches, for positive and 100% slip-free transmission of driving torque which are controlled by the ADM electronic control unit.


  • Automatic engagements of all drive-line functions at the right time and on the fly
  • Always 100 % of possible traction
  • Increase of driving stability and safety
  • Noticeable relief for the driver
  • Minimum of driver training needed
  • No damage due to incorrect shifting
  • No winding up of the drive-train
  • Higher service life of the vehicle
  • Reduced wear on tires
  • Reduced fuel consumption